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Put your BTC Markets portfolio in your pocket using CSee Coin.

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CSee Coin has been created and shaped by loyal users just like yourself. By using CSee Coin you will enjoy the following amazing app features!


Keep track of how many coins you have in your wallet on BTC Markets and other exchanges.

Frustration Free

CSee coin is built with users like you in mind. No more struggling to use a half baked website.

Real-Time Integration

Stay upto date with the latest crypto currency prices and be informed. Have a edge over the other guy.

External Blockchain Account Balance

You can easily monitor your crypto even if you choose to transfer your coin out of BTC Markets. Simply enter your public key and away you go!

Automatic Night Mode

Our specially fine-tuned night mode will ensure you give your eyes a rest so you can do your day job!


Have a Apple Watch? Now you can see the price of your cryptoassets with a flick of your wrist. Complications and watch app are both supported.

Badge Price

Stop spending your day checking prices. The app icon for CSee Coin will show you the price of your coins on your home screen as a badge and using force touch.

Please note this is not the official BTC Markets app. It has been created and shaped by loyal users just like yourself. Please provide feedback as to what you like and dislike so that we can all use the best app possible.

Keep track of your wallet

Login to your BTC Markets account and read your actual real-time account balance.

Your coins on your wrist

Check the price of your coins wherever you are.
Use the Apple WATCH app to put BTC Markets on your wrist.

Be Social

Crypto currencies have happy days and sad days. Share those moments with your friends and loved ones using the beautiful iMessage app.

Manage your orders

You can view your BTC Markets orders from right within the CSee Coin app! Delete the orders that arent in your best interest. Support for creating market and limit orders coming soon in a future update!

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